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Hello, I am Michele, and I am so excited to introduce to you the Make Healthy Fit website today. 

Today can be a new beginning for people who have hopes and goals related to improving their health.  

It is really about YOU and your commitment to make YOUrself a priority!  I know how important it is to focus on your personal needs because I’ve been down this same path.

I’m a type 2 diabetic who embarked on a journey to improved health in 2010.  Now, I experience the benefits and joy of living a healthy lifestyle every day.  I lost 115 pounds over 2 years and no longer need medicines to control my blood sugars or blood pressure. 

Learning and support from knowledgeable sources were key to my success.  I felt compelled to establish Make Healthy Fit to inspire, inform, and support others on their own quest to live a healthy lifestyle.  One of my greatest discoveries is the support I continue to receive from people who took this journey before me.  Those who have made this discovery all have a passion to pay it forward, and I want you to achieve the same success!

I hope that you will join the growing community of people who have learned that healthy living can be delicious, satisfying, empowering, energizing, and emotionally and physically rewarding.  I plan to provide you with strategies and tips for embracing a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and fitness; covering topics on motivation, exercise, weight loss, recipes, diabetes, and the benefits of music!  As an introduction to MakeHealthyFit, here are some tips for navigating the site

  • ABOUT page provides you with the highlights of my journey and what to expect from
  • MY STORY page provides you with an in-depth look into my life as it relates to my transformational journey from healthy to unhealthy and back. I hope that my story will inspire you!
  • FITNESS page will provide you with ongoing information about exercises, exercise equipment, and motivational fitness tips
  • WEIGHT page covers the topics of diet, tips, motivation, available resources, and my personal discoveries related to losing and maintaining a healthy weight
  • RECIPES page – will continue to expand and provide you with healthier options for meals, snacks, and desserts. You can also access additional recipes on my recipe Pinterest boards
  • INTERVIEWS page will highlight a variety of healthy lifestyle options through interviews with individuals who have achieved success
  • MUSIC page will provide you with information about the benefits of music in fitness, motivation, and health. I’ve titled this page, the Magic of Music
  • DIABETES page – Stay tuned, as this page will provide important information for anyone concerned with developing diabetes, or who have already been diagnosed as pre-diabetic or diabetic

 keep educating yourselfSo begin the New Year believing that your goals are possible.  My first tip for you is ….BEGIN and Keep Educating Yourself. 

My sincere wishes for your success!  Michele


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